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The Secret of Writing Options

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The Secret of Writing Options

This book is was out of print.  We've managed to get a limited supply. Grab your copy quickly - in case we can't get any more!

Once thought to be the domain of highly skilled investors, today more and more private traders are entering the options market. Unlike a traditional investor, an options trader can make money in a sideways, uptrending or falling market. This book, written in easy-to-understand language, is highly recommended for newcomers to options trading in Australia, and those already trading the options market.

Chris Tate says: 

"Louise demonstrates that there is far more to trading than understanding the mechanics of how markets work. It involves a method of engaging the market, an understanding of money and risk management and most importantly of all it requires an understanding of the psychological aspects of trading. Only good traders understand these areas and can communicate their importance to others.

The Secret of Writing Options provides a practical and informative introduction for the newcomer to the options market and will give new insights into this area of derivatives trading to the more experienced."

If you seriously want to make your mark by trading options, grab a copy of Louise's book and get cracking!

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Price: $39.95 (inc GST)