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About Louise


Louise Bedford, Author and Trading Mentor

Louise Bedford is pure inspiration. One of Australia's most compelling speakers on the sharemarket, as well as being in the markets for nearly 20 years, she has trained thousands of people to maximise their own trading potential. She has degrees in Psychology and Business, and has done the hard yards in the sharemarket, so you can shortcut your way to success by following her methods. 

You will adore Louise's warm and approachable style, whether you are a professional trader or a complete beginner.

As one of Australia's best-selling authors on the sharemarket for nearly a decade, she has been quoted in more Australian sharetrading books than any other trader. Her trading books - 'Trading Secrets', 'Charting Secrets', 'The Secret of Candlestick Charting' and 'The Secret of Writing Options', as well as her presentations, are not about vague concepts that don't work in the real world. They are about incredibly practical, timesaving strategies that you need to implement in order to become an extremely successful trader.

She will provide specific guidance with unbridled enthusiasm, so you'll develop essential trading skills. 

The transformations that she has achieved in people's lives, due to the powerful techniques she utilises, are nothing short of phenomenal.


Louise was recently interviewed on Sky News Business Channel. Watch the video here:


Here's what Louise can do for you:



Rave Reviews

Louise's impact on the lives of the people who have completed her training has been incredibly powerful. Listen as two excited traders talk about the support Louise has provided, and the impact this has had on them.

Jackie's fast-tracking her success!

Jackie Boyett is a single mother of two in Queensland. She knows that Louise Bedford is: “one of the most passionate, generous and highly knowledgeable people” she's ever come across. Jackie is in the process of not only dramatically improving her family's lifestyle, but she's also raising money to support an orphanage in Africa.


“Louise, you're my hero…”

Stefan and his wife Ludmila know that Louise's support is essential in fast-tracking their success in the sharemarket. Louise develops trading systems that work. Stefan has relied on Louise's support for many years.


The Next Step

To shortcut the whole process of learning how to trade effectively, it goes without saying that you'll need some sort of training. Trading mistakes can be incredibly expensive, so it makes good sense to learn how to avoid them.

The sharemarket information industry has seen a proliferation of hobbyist, or amateur traders bombard potential investors with deals that are simply too good to be true. Many people have been trusting their trading success to such unskilled and sometimes unscrupulous companies - only to find themselves without support, service, quality or results. We have no idea why people would go with them. Maybe like tortured prisoners, they begin to enjoy the pain after a while.

Would you trust your life to someone who 'dabbles' in surgery?

Neither would we.

Chris and Louise have had decades of experience. Chris began in the early 80s, and Louise began in the early 90s. They have seen the peaks, and they've also seen the valleys. There is little that they are seeing today that they haven't seen before. Compare this with the majority of educators. Most have only ever experienced bull markets, and even then, most were out of their depth!

Chris and Louise have the right background, the reputation and track record of helping other traders to help you trade effectively. Get inside their minds, learn exactly how they trade, and come out of their training with a complete written trading plan, and their total support, every step of the way. 

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Disclaimer: These are some comments from attendees and customers of Louise Bedford and Chris Tate's events and other programs. These comments are not typical and may vary from individual to individual. Each individual's success comes from many factors including a dedication to implementing the programs and products that we teach and provide. The income statements or comments are not intended to represent any form of guarantee or guarantee that every person will achieve the same results. There is no guarantee of achieving the same results and you recognise that any business or trading endeavour has inherent risks for loss of income or capital.


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"The trading results have been astronomical. I'm regularly pulling $2000 - $3000 per week out of the market. I'm deriving a very handy income from trading FX and that's totally due to not only the systems you've helped me develop, but also the money management and psychological side you've taught me. This means, that getting out of farming, I don't have to find another job. I can trade when it suits me and sub-50, I can retire

Colin Simpson, previous farmer, now full-time trader

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