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We are committed to providing you with the most cutting-edge information designed to propel you towards trading success.

It's taken us several hundred hours to put together these very special podcasts, and we've created them just for you.

By listening to them, it will be just like two experienced traders, sitting alongside you as you trade, leading you towards success and guiding you, every step of the way.

Louise says: "We only teach the personal sharetrading methods and techniques that we use every day, under fire. We don't rely on untested theories, we use and teach only what actually works. These podcasts reveal our motivation in life to help others achieve the same or greater success and freedom, doing what they love."

Now these podcasts are available for FREE to you, as our gift.

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FREE Podcasts - Our Gift to You!

- Mindset Secrets of Super Traders

- Charting for Beginners

- FX Trading

- Obey the Stop Signs

- Data and Software - Part 1

- Data and Software - Part 2

- 7 Deadly Sins

- Central Trading Beliefs

- CFD Trading

- Choosing an Online Broker

- Maximise Your Profits

- Trading Psychology

- Interview with Louise Bedford and Gary Stone

- Don't Quit Your Job