If you’ve ever self-sabotaged your trading results, yearned for financial serenity and wanted to fight off trading anxiety forever… then you must read every word of this personal letter… Because,


A Crucial Decision
…is all that stands between you and trading success.


An urgent bulletin from private trader and best-selling author
Louise Bedford

I’ve got a short but essential message for you. Your very trading future relies on your complete attention, right now.
You see - I know what it’s like… it’s like an itch that just won’t go away… a yearning… a deep-seated determination to excel. Yet still, you feel like something is holding you back in the markets. I have bad news for you… that ‘something’ is you.
If you’re ready to stop the panic, and finally cash in on the profits you deserve, now is your chance. Because you know it and I know it - the traders who work on their own mindset are the ones who come out on top. You see, I realise you’re full of hope for the future, and determined to make a success of trading. I know you can imagine the rush when you close out your next winning trade. You can almost taste it.
But then… every so often…usually in the wee small hours of the morning … like a surge, you feel doubt, and skin-crawling fear. Will you ever be able to learn all you need to know to be consistently profitable? What will happen to you if you don’t make it? What will you do if trading just doesn’t work for you?
That’s why I’ve created the Trading Psychology Master Class. This is a full 12-month, week by week life-changing course, designed to get you to perform at the top of your game… whatever instrument you’re trading, whatever market method you’re following. There are sure-fire techniques in here that I’ve never discussed before… not even to members of my precious Mentor Program. Secrets that can turn your trading psychology on its ear.
Never before have I been willing to let you have such an intimate sneak peek inside the elite trader’s world, as well as give you specific psychology strategies that you can use immediately.


Because there’s no such thing as a profitable trader who hasn’t wrestled with their own brain!

I know you’re crying out for something that will bash your subconscious into shape so you can earn a packet, and then (more importantly), so you can keep what you’ve earned.

I want you to know that you’re not alone. When you feel that quiver in your gut – reach out for my help. I am here for you to give you a exactly what you need to drag you towards success. I’ll help you banish that twitchy urge to quit and run away from the markets. That’s why you simply must learn more about the Trading Psychology Master Class.


Are you sick of thinking to yourself that you’d like to
trade like one of the market wizards but you’re feeling
gun-shy and scared?





This Master Class is only for those who wish to excel as a trader
during good times and bad. It is not about making a quick buck
in the markets,
only to decimate your account the week after.

If that’s the type of info you’re after, you’re in the wrong place.

But if you’re genuinely interested in developing your full potential
so you can trade for a living,
while preserving your connection
with those around you, then we’re going to have some fun.






So… how does it work?

Every week for an entire year, I’ll send you a personal video to prod, poke and nudge you towards successful trading habits and to alter your own personal psychology forever. Just imagine where you’ll be after just a few short weeks… on top of your trading mindset… and in complete control of your subconscious. Bet you can’t wait.

What you’ll get

Your Trading Psychology Master Class will give you:

Weekly videos
to push

provoke and prod your
subconscious towards
trading success.



based on Louise’s 4 years
studying psychology at University,
plus an additional 20+ years
mentoring exceptional traders
improve their performance.

of Trading Game
forum membership
(usual value: $320.00pa)

to enjoy personal follow-up with
Louise, and explore your
psychology sticking points.

You’ll receive all of this for a one-time investment of $797 (or 4 payments of only $224.25 per month)! This price won't last for long, so you need to act now to cash in. 

If you think that’s still too much, I have to say… you’re thinking way too small.



Yes I'm ready to turn my
mind power into profit!



Yes Louise, I want to be a part of the Trading Psychology Master Class, and take part in life-changing opportunity.

I will make a deposit now of $224.25 and then just 3 extra monthly payments of the same amount.
(Total investment: $897)

(All prices include GST)




Yes Louise, I'm keen to think and grow rich in the markets.

I realise this could be the very key that will unlock the trading vault. I'll pay $797 as a one-time payment.

(So, for a great discount of $100, compared to Option 1, you can have a year of continual weekly psychology input to create a lasting change in your trading mindset.)

(All prices include GST)



For under $700, I doubt you’d be able to find a more results driven, success oriented, mindset clarifying course, anywhere in the world.




Plus – you can repeat it for free! Yes, that’s right, you can take the course again, to really cement the lessons.

So this is a tiny decision… but potentially… a life-changing decision.

Over the coming months, I’ll force-feed you the knowledge and techniques that will catapult you into the arena of the professional trader, no matter how much you squirm and resist. You’ll see where the real money is made.



Plus, I’m putting my money where my mouth is by giving you a …





I’m so confident you’ll love being part of my Psychology MasterClass, we offer you a full 30 day money back guarantee on your investment. This way, you do not risk a cent.

All we ask is you try out your membership for 30 full days, listen to your recordings, watch the videos and take advantage of all that’s on offer.

And if, in the unlikely event you are not absolutely thrilled with your experience… if you feel you do not want to be part of this exclusive group, simply contact us for a prompt and courteous refund.

But I figure you’re smarter than that. Once you see the passion of your coaches, once you get exposed to their inside knowledge, you won’t want to stop for all the tea in China.

It’s my bet you’ll want to stay plugged into this unique and inspiring club, and move forward with confidence.

However, it’s nice to know your investment is guaranteed just in case.

But why should you trust me?


Sure – you know I’m the best-selling author of 4 books on the sharemarket… and yes, I’ve been accused of being obsessed.

Obsessed with helping traders kick down their psychological barriers that stand in the way of top profits. But luckily, that works in your favour.

I’m not just some newly certified, NLP wanker without the rungs on the board. I’ve actually got a degree in psychology, plus I’ve also spent the last 16 years helping members of my Mentor Program make the markets into the CASH-COW they’ve been craving.

And now it’s your turn…



It's going to be with us the rest of our lives...

"Louise, you've had such a huge impact on our trading. This course is something that's going to be with us for the rest of our lives. This is bigger than just trading. Yes, our profits have improved immensely. Just brilliant!"

— Barry and Elizabeth Zeuschner book-keepers and traders —






I wouldn't be a full-time trader if I hadn't have done this course!

"This is a course like no other. I used to think that trading was 80% technique and 20% psychology, but over the last couple of years I’ve absolutely learnt that it’s the other way around, 20% technique and 80% psychology.

Many of us are looking for ways to improve our trading results. The solution is to become more self aware. Why do we react to the market the way we do? We need to look at what is holding us back from achieving our goals. We can then choose to change those aspects of our psychology which are holding us back.

This is where Louise’s course comes in. It has comprehensive explanations and practical tools and exercises to help us change our psychology so we can achieve the level of success we truly desire, in trading as well as other parts of our lives.

I wouldn't be a full-time trader if I hadn't have done this course! I loved it, and highly recommend it to everyone serious about trading profitably."

— Jude Fowler, Full-Time Trader —




I’ll promise you one thing – whatever reason you’re telling yourself for not getting involved in the

Trading Psychology Master Class is making you leave serious money on the table.

You can make excuses, or you can get results.

If it's important to you, you'll find a way




Now… if you’ve read this far, it means you’ve got a trader’s blood pumping through your veins.
However, by itself, that’s not enough.

Your success comes down to one tiny, but crucial decision.

A decision that could be the absolute turning point in your life.




Let’s get started now…

The horrible truth is that most people never do a freaking thing!
The may want the results the markets can provide.
They may dream about what their life could look like.
But – unless they take action, they’ll never move forward.

Let’s be completely honest – Which group do you belong to?
The traders who are action-takers? Or the ones who procrastinate,
think-about-it, yet never kick the goals they’re aiming for?

Right now, in your heart, you know where you want to be.

You don’t have to keep experiencing ‘two steps forward, three steps back’. I am dedicated to your success. You may never get another opportunity if you click away and don’t take action now. This is your time. This is your year.

Join the swelling banks of traders who know that their own psychology is the key to trading success.



Louise Bedford

Learning about trading through trial and error is WAY over-rated.
In a year’s time I don’t want you to be exactly where you are right now.




Your trading future can sparkle with certainty and clarity. I know it’s within your power to trade safely, with an edge
that can last you for your entire life. The knowledge that I’ll give you will carry you through whether you’re trading FX,
shares, options, or frankly… any other trading instrument.

Plus, you can repeat the course for free – to really cement the lessonsife.

This is where you’ll discover how to play the game at the elite level. This is your wake-up call. Make the right crucial decision for your future.